A tree surgeon is sometimes referred to as an arborist or a horticultural maintenance engineer. Essentially, tree surgeons undertake the care and maintenance of trees but there are many facets to the job and every day can be different. The main responsibilities of a tree surgeon include:

  • felling trees
  • pruning shrubs/branches
  • splitting logs
  • moving fallen trees
  • planting/replanting
  • crown thinning
  • tree reduction

Looking from the outside, it may not seem like a very glamourous job, however a career as a tree surgeon can be thrilling, exciting and challenging. Those that do the job benefit from a long-term and progressive career.

Depending on the kind of work that is being carried out, tree surgery can be one of the most dangerous jobs there is. This is due to the risk involved with working at such great heights, with powerful and dangerous machinery and equipment, plus the actual size and weight of the trees involved. If youre not in shape, dont like working outdoors and arent great with power tools then this job isnt for you! It really is a challenging outdoor job.

There are many skills you need to have to be a successful tree surgeon:

It is essential that have full proficiency with power tools and other kinds of heavy duty equipment
You need to understand full health and safety rules and the dangers that being a tree surgeon pose
Working in an efficient and yet safe manner is required
And you need to have a real understanding of the environment

Now that you understand what a tree surgeon actually does, if youre looking for a quality tree surgeon in Cardiff contact us at Cardiff Tree Surgeons.